The mission statement of Grand Health Institute - Comprehensive Sleep Center

At the Grand Health Institute Comprehensive Sleep Center, we are committed to improving the health of infants, children, adolescent and adults; through high quality and comprehensive programs in patient care, medical education, and scientific research.

About Us

Grand Health Institute is a leading sleep disorder clinic in Miami, Florida. We are dedicated to providing our patients with the highest quality care and helping them achieve better sleep. We believe that sleep is essential to overall health and well-being, and we are committed to helping our patients overcome their sleep challenges so they can live their best lives.

Our key points:

  • Mission and values: We are dedicated to providing our patients with the highest quality care and helping them achieve better sleep. We believe that sleep is essential to overall health and well-being.
  • Team: Our team of experienced and compassionate doctors and nurses are committed to providing our patients with the highest level of personalized care.
  • Services: We offer a wide range of diagnostic and treatment options for sleep disorders, including sleep apnea, insomnia, narcolepsy, and restless legs syndrome. We also offer pediatric sleep medicine services.
  • Research and education: We are actively involved in clinical trials to develop new and innovative treatments for sleep disorders. We also offer educational programs for patients and healthcare professionals.
  • Value proposition:GHI is South Florida’s Premier Center for sleep medicine and diagnostics , and we are committed to providing our patients with the best possible care.


Our medical care team is highly skilled in both sleep medicine and customer relations with backgrounds ranging from medical device to pharmaceutical sales. Our medical care team nurtures patients from the beginning of the medical process to the end, which extends well beyond the last procedure or treatment date. Consider our medical care team as an alternative to a multi-tasking office coordinator, dedicated to increasing the volume of your practice. 

Our medical care team is trained to make patients feel comfortable in the typically unnerving world of medicine, educating them on every aspect of care provision and financial transaction, creating scheduling efficiencies, and following up with them multiple times after the procedure or treatment to ensure complete patient satisfaction. 

As a highly trained individual in the area of his or her practice’s expertise, the medical care team serves as the patient’s touch point throughout the entire treatment process. From the initial point of contact, the medical care team makes prospective patients feel comfortable, while evaluating their candidacy for treatment. He or she gains a thorough understanding of the patient’s unique needs, and clearly describes the treatment process, answering all questions along the way. Following a prospect’s conversion to a patient, the medical concierge continues to be an available resource, checking on their progress post treatment. While simultaneously providing the patient with a positive treatment experience, the dedication of the medical concierge provides relief to the practice’s administrative staff and physician(s).

Our comprehensive treatment platform can be utilized without adding stress to your current staff. Our clinical operations and patient delivery model drive accelerated, sustainable improvements in quality care, patient satisfaction, and financial performance.

• Compliance training and clinical audits

• Capacity planning and management cycle

• Training of all physicians and related staff

• Protocol support to track all patient outcomes

• Setting up procedures to ensure full HIPAA compliance

Reimbursements – Medical Billing

GHI team of billing experts can handles the entire process from insurance pre-certification/verification through reimbursement. Our medical billing department coordinates the health care billing, payment, and claims reconciliation process for each of our physician partner practices.

By using all electronic transactions, our physician partners are eliminated from many of the manual daily processes, so more time can be spent on direct patient care.

GHI medical billing system can provides our physician partners with access to reimbursement forecasting and financial reporting. Our medical billing team can and works with our partners’ practices to establish and set financial policies relating to co-pay collections, trigger-points for escalating collection efforts, and write-off guidelines.

• Insurance Verification: Our medical concierge team pre-certifies and verifies each patient’s insurance

• Demographic and Chart Entry: Our medical concierges enter each patient’s information into appropriate EHR

• Coding and Audits: Our medical billing team compiles CPT and diagnosis codes based on carrier requirements

• Claim Submission: Our medical billing team submits audited claims and coordinates with carriers for processing

• Payment Posting: Our medical billing team applies the payment to the appropriate patient account

• AR Analysis: Our accounting department insures claim problems are identified and resolved

• Management and set up of Cloud-based electronic medical records

• Corporate billing management and collections

• Streamlined billing, appeals, and collection management staff at corporate office

• Patient pre-certification and insurance verification

Accounting: All Back Office Needs and Support

By fully integrating the business operations of each location with our corporate office’s centralized accounting department, GHI can assists our franchisees with various accounting functions. It is our goal to help reduce the amount of time that you will need to spend on accounting. GHI accounting department guides our physician partners through today’s complex issues associated reimbursements and collections under the scope of practice management. GHI accounting department understands that the financial success of our physician partners’ practices is no longer solely dependent upon the skills of the medical professional. GHI accounting department can tracks revenues, improves cash flow, and enhances profitability-at the same time allowing our physicians to focus on what they enjoy-practicing medicine.

• Legal support for licensing and credentialing

• Extensive medical and business instruction and training

• Daily, weekly, and monthly real-time financial reporting

• Accounts payable

• Accounts receivable

• Create profit & loss statements

Accurate and timely financial reporting is critical to the success of any healthcare organization. From daily accounting to statistics that measure capacity statistics, GHI team specializes in performing all the necessary financial functions to assist operational efficiency