Dr. Rebecca Sherry Eshraghi Ph.D., DNM

Dr. Rebecca Sherry Eshraghi is a board-certified Doctor in Natural Medicine with over 10 years of experience in helping her clients achieve optimal health. She received her Doctorate and PhD degree from the International Quantum University of Integrative Medicine and is Board Certified by the Board of Natural Medicine Doctors and Practitioners and the American Alternative Medical Association. Dr. Sherry is also active in academic settings and has served as faculty for the International Quantum University and worked as a volunteer researcher for the University of Miami. She has authored and co-authored published, peer-reviewed articles in high impact journals, including The Lancet, mainly on the topics of the microbiome, gut-brain connection, epigenetics, and autism. Her research paper titled: “Gut-Induced Inflammation during Development May Compromise the Blood-Brain Barrier and Predispose to Autism Spectrum Disorder” was listed as one of the most cited papers in 2021/22 according to the Journal of Clinical Medicine. She has written book chapters on the gut-brain connection and written several published health articles and blogs. She also acts as an editorial reviewer for multiple scientific journals. Dr. Sherry is a member of the American Society in Nutrition and continues her education on healing via functional medicine, nutrition, lifestyle, supplementation, specific lab testing, microbiome, mind-body medicine and more.