Dr. Rebecca Sherry Eshraghi Ph.D., DNM

Dr. Rebecca Sherry Eshraghi is a Board Certified Doctor in natural medicine with over 10 years experience helping her clients achieve optimal health.

She is a former Faculty and Director of Postgraduate Studies at the Quantum University for Integrative Medicine and also serves regularly as editorial reviewer for several scientific journals and has published book chapters on gut-brain connection.

She is a published researcher in the field of autism, microbiome, gut-brain connection and epigenetic.

Her specialty is in preventative healthcare, autism spectrum disorders, allergies, chronic diseases, digestive disorders, migraines, weight management, autoimmune disease, insomnia and more.

Dr. Sherry is especially devoted in helping parents navigate treatments options and achieve the best outcomes for their children with autism.

Holistic health care is particularly helpful in healing chronic illnesses and maintaining health through proper nutrition, specific diets, detoxification, supplementation with specific vitamins, minerals, oils and herbs, lifestyle adjustments and stress management. It is not an alternative approach, but should be a complementary one to the well recognized classic, allopathic medicine.

Conditions that can benefit from a holistic/ natural approach are such as:

Autism Spectrum Disorders
Autoimmune Disorders
Chronic fatigue
Chronic Constipation 
Chronic Diaria
Leaky Gut
Depression, Anxiety and Mood Swings
Gastrointestinal Disorders
Inflammatory Conditions
Sleep Disorders
Stress management
Weight Loss